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About the Manager

Interview with Mary Davis

What interested you in becoming a Farmers’ Market Manager?
“I joined the market two years after it started with a group of other interested ladies. I started out keeping records and it just evolved. This year is the 43rd year of our market! I used to sell homemade bread, baked goods and vegetables at the market.”

What do you enjoy most about your market?
“I enjoy meeting the farmers and listening to everyday talks of what goes on at the farm. Just being acquainted with them is a pleasure.”

What plans do you have for the future of your market?
“My plan right now is to just keep it going as is. There is not much room for growth and we like the location of the market. In the past, the local newspapers featured stories on farmers’ who sell at the market. I am interested in doing that again this year.”

Do you have any special interests, skills, hobbies?
“I bake for 4-5 craft fairs per year. I am interested in History and a member of the Nellis Tavern Preservation, the Ladies Auxiliary Fire department of East Herkimer and also a member of my local church.
I retired from a 40 yr. career in nursing and now spend time babysitting for my grandchildren, posting articles on Facebook and gardening.”

In your own words, why do you feel that your market is important to Herkimer County and its resident’s?
“Little Falls has been without a large store for some time and bringing fresh produce to the community is important. Locals really enjoy the social aspect of the market a lot. It is like a social gathering at the center of town giving people the opportunity to get together and enjoy for 6 months of the year.”

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The Market Manager is Mary Davis. To request information or ask a question about this market, email or call (315) 866-2619.