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Interview with Reed Proper

What interested you in becoming a Farmers’ Market Manager?
“My wife Barb and I are co-managers of the Farmers’ Market. I saw an ad in the newspaper advertising for a market manager. I was retired at the time and looking for a way to support the town. We believe in the idea of buying direct from the farmer and eliminating the middle man as much as possible. Farmers markets provide one of the best ways to do this because the farmer and the consumer get the best value for their product and the best products for their money.”

What do you enjoy most about your market?
“I enjoy helping the people of the town of Webb to buy fresh produce.”

What plans do you have for the future of your market?
“This year we have added a limited number of crafters to increase the number of people that come to the market.”

Do you have any special interests, skills, hobbies?
“Barb and I are retired and like to travel. I currently work three jobs. I am the Old Forge Farmers’ Market Manager, a member of the Old Forge Planning Board and I also shovel the sidewalks at the Old Forge Library.”

In your own words, why do you feel that your market is important to Herkimer County and its resident’s?
“In this part of Herkimer County and in the Town of Webb the weather and soil conditions make it very hard to grow a vegetable garden. By providing a farmers market in Old forge, locals won’t have to drive to the Black and Mohawk river valleys to buy from the local farmers. The market income also supports the two local food banks.”

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The Market Manager is Reed Proper. To request information or ask a question about this market, email or call (315) 868-0747 or (315) 369-6191.