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About the Manager

Interview with Ron Bayzon

What interested you in becoming a Farmers’ Market Manager?
“The previous two managers had given up responsibility and the position needed to be filled. I decided to volunteer and do the job the best I could. In the 6 years of being the market manager I have always enjoyed the experience.

What do you enjoy most about your market?
“All of the vendors in my market are quality producers. They all get along and are not in competition with each other. I enjoy how each vendor compliments the other. I also like getting out to see people that I normally wouldn’t have a chance to meet.”

What plans do you have for the future of your market?
“I would like to improve the variety or selection of the vendors at my market. I also would like to work more efficiently in connecting our market with our local food bank.

Do you have any special interests, skills, hobbies?
“I enjoy growing things. My wife likes to try growing new and different plants and varieties and I enjoy trying to figure out how to do it. I also enjoy tramping and kayaking with my wife.”

In your own words, why do you feel that your market is important to Herkimer County and its resident’s?
“The farmers’ market is an educational experience. The market provides education to our local community in teaching what is produced in our area and also how important it is to buy local products.”

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The Market Manager is Ron Bayzon. To request information or ask a question about this market, email or call (315) 858-2703.